Friday, July 26, 2019

Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Statement - Essay Example However, even after trying to think really hard, I could not remember anything. As I tried to move on to the next questions, I realized that in order to complete the following questions, I have to clearly understand the meaning of nominal interest rate. I started to get nervous and worried. The more I tried thinking about the importance of the definition of nominal interest rate to the rest of the questions, the more I felt nervous and confused. I lost my mind, did not think straight, and made a terrible decision ever, which was using my cellphone to search the definition on the internet. Immediately I got out the classroom I realized that I just made a terrible mistake and felt that I had the responsibility to acknowledge the mistake. I went directly to TA’s office told her the truth as well as at May 10th meeting. I have been feeling so regretful and disturbed by what I did. Although the TA did not catch me, the grade I got from cheating is dishonest and I do not deserve it. I even brought shame to my family, as they were both very shocked and astonished about my action. I feel that my bad behavior deserves to be punished. However, I have been studying in NEU for three years and already had a strong personal connection with NEU and the city of Boston. Truly, this is the only place I want to stay and study. I can even remember the day I got admission letter from NEU and without any hesitation, I chose NEU over Ohio State. I always dream about wearing the trencher graduate cap from NEU proudly. I promise that I will not violate any other academic conduct in the future. To ensure that I will not cheat in the exam again, I will enroll in next year’s tutoring program. Additionally, I will get some private tutors so that I will be fully prepared for the exam. This will help me avoid more pan ic or confusion in the exam room. I promise that after this experience, I will never let the school, my parents, or myself down. I hope NEU can

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