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Law assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Law assignment - Essay Example Ewing is expected to win the case being treated unfairly compared to the other students who also failed in the particular exams. 3. This case would lead to the limitation of the rights of students and the justification of inequalities in educational institutes – potentially in other organizational areas also. Journal Activity  2 1. Lee entered a liquor store for buying cognac. However, he thought he could have it without paying for it or, at least, not for all of it. He took two bottles of cognac from the self but concealed one of them in his pants. The employee saw him and approached him. Then, Lee left both bottles and started to run. However, he was caught by a near-by police officer and was prosecuted for shoplifting. 2. Shoplifting is the criminal offence discussed in this case. The specific crime can be generally characterized as theft; however, its level is different across states, in accordance with the limits set for the value of the goods stolen. Normally, shoplift ing is characterized as a misdemeanor; for goods over the $500, shoplifting is considered as a felony. Shoplifting laws are highly differentiated across states. 3. The effective enforcement of law related to shoplifting, as of other crimes also, could be a means for increasing the sense of safety of citizens in their daily activities. Journal Activity  3 1. Philip Smith brought with him in school a poisonous spider. He locked it in his locker thinking that it could not escape. However, two students opened Philip’s locker, the spider escaped and entered the locker room of Judy Norton. The girl was bitten by the spider and sued Smith for the injury she suffered. 2. Norton can use the personal injury law which entitles the person who suffered the injury the right to ask for compensation for the injury he suffered but also for damages of other types (damages for emotional pain, future medical expenses and so on). Norton is expected to win the case only if she proves that Smith had responsibility for the injury, i.e. that he could have foreseen the danger and that he did not take the necessary measures to avoid it. 3. This case could help to understand clearer the liability for not taking the necessary measures when owning a pet/ animal. Journal Activity  4 1. A divorce case has been brought before a federal district court because the parties involved, Shahnaz and Vasu Harinath, wanted to keep the problem secret – referring to their community. Would the federal district court hear the case? 2. The family law is applied to this case. However, in accordance with the laws on jurisdiction, the federal district courts do not have the power to hear such cases. It is expected that the case will be diverted to a state court. 3. The specific case would be important answering to the following question: are the parties of a law dispute free in choosing the court that will hear their case? Journal Activity  5 1. I agree with the auto dealership. Since there is a mistake in the advertising, which the auto dealership could not control, it would not be fair for his advertisement to be considered as an offer. Also, generally, the courts do not consider advertisements as ‘offer’, refusing the potential of an advertisement to bind the party that made the advertisement (for instance, Partridge v Crittenden 1968). More specifically, in the context of the

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